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Whale Swim adventures in 2018

Aloha Whale People, I live in Maui, the whale capital of the Pacific.  The Northern Pacific Humpbacks come each year to breed and give birth. It would be all to easy to lead groups here to observe and document whale … Continue reading

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Concentrate on the positive….

Is it possible that the only thing limiting us from doing what we want is us?  I know it sounds crazy but is it is really.  Perhaps the presence of fear and doubt affects how we perceive ourselves, how we act, … Continue reading

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Here come the holidays

This is the time of year people start thinking about the holidays and family.  For some these are happy times.  For others these are hard times. Why not consider the less fortunate this season and make it a point to be … Continue reading

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Make you own path

  While we all share the human experience, each of us follows our own path.  Listen to your inner voice and march to your own beat.   Have faith in yourself and don’t give credence to what others do or say.  … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

As Thanksgiving is here I am thinking about how lucky I am to be alive, and how grateful I am for all the incredible experiences I have had like swimming with this baby Humpback Whale, and most of all how … Continue reading

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Framing is a powerful way to draw the viewer into an image

  Knowledge of composition is one of the elements of photography that make the difference between an ordinary image and one that the viewer is drawn into.  In this image for example the concept of framing is being used.  The … Continue reading

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Life is a journey

They say life is a journey, and that there are good times and bad times.  Right now I am going through the hard times.  I have a problem and will likely not post a blog for a while. I have … Continue reading

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Celebrate life and the holidays

The holidays are coming and their are many things to be thankful for. First and foremost is having family and friends that love each other. Next comes the joy of simply being alive. After that comes the satisfaction of working … Continue reading

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