I turn 55 in a week but what I am really excited about is going to Tonga in about 10 days for this years annual whale swim adventure.

Cover_070817_RGBI am getting older, there is no denying it. Time is going by far to fast, and the older I get the faster time seems to go.   In my mind, it seems like yesterday when I went to Vavau’ Tonga for the first time to swim with whales.   I chartered a sailboat with three friends and a crew and went from one end of the Tonga island group to the other.  That was so many years and whale swims ago.

Eye to Eye ©DJH DJH_4080

Received Honorable Mention in 2016 Beneath the Sea Photography Competition

This year will be my 12th, season leading groups to observe and swim with Humpback whales.  I have hired my favorite boats and captains and am really looking forward to leading two groups this season for a total of 17 days.

I have had a lot of interest for the 2018 season and have committed to one adventure that  includes 12 nights accommodation and 9 days of whale swimming on a private charter with a maximum of five guests.  Space is limited so if you have wanted to be part of a small group dedicated to having mutual interactions with whales let me know.

whale swim boat

Boat for Aug 10-22, 2015 adventure

I will be upfront and let everyone know it is more important for me to find the right people than it is to fill the boat as fast as possible.  These adventures are all about having an incredible experience with wild animals and I want everyone that participates to share the same mindset.  When everyone acts as a group in the water the whales become comfortable with our presence and thats when the magic happens.


Doing the head down tail up routine

I am also excited to have a new Lavacore full body suit this season.   Last year I had the hooded vest and while it did keep me warm for most of the days, there were occasions after swims of an hour or more that I felt a bit cold.  I love lava core for whale swimming as it provided wartime without added buoyancy.   When swimming with whales one needs to be as neutral or slightly negative as possible.   The legs need to be underwater as not to make a splash while finning.

douglas and the baby whale

Image of me from several years ago


Send me an email at douglas@koholagallery.com




About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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