Kohola Gallery is named after the Whales

Incredible show beneath the sea

Whales are large animals that weigh around 30-40 tons but they are also quite graceful.

Whale season may be over in Hawaii, and while out of sign, they are never out of mind.

Kohola Gallery in Maui, is named after the whale and will always have a few beautiful whales on display.  So come on down and check them out.  The gallery is on the west side.  Please call 808 633 4009 or 808 870 3686 to make sure were open when you want to visit.


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About living with love and peace

this blog is not about me as much as it is for me to be of service to all people. I want to share the what I have learned and inspire people to live with peace and love. Everything starts inside our mind, heart, and soul. When we become at peace with ourselves and our life circumstance our positive outlook and intent can motivate others to strive for their own peace. The idea is to pay it forward.
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