Every week people come into the gallery and ask me if I was scared when photographing Lemon and Bull Sharks.  The truth is I was really excited not scared.


What does scare me is going out of the harbor in the dark, knowing I am going to place where the surf is 60 foot plus.    In fact it is really frightening.   But, then the sun comes up and you can see and you realize that while the surf is huge, being on a boat with a captain that understands whats going on the feeling you have is priceless.


We saw people surf these waves and I was and still am amazed the risks people will take to have fun. Of course,  I dive with sharks and swim with whales, and many think I am crazy.  But am I….   There is a certain freedom in doing what your passionate about.



About living with love and peace

this blog is not about me as much as it is for me to be of service to all people. I want to share the what I have learned and inspire people to live with peace and love. Everything starts inside our mind, heart, and soul. When we become at peace with ourselves and our life circumstance our positive outlook and intent can motivate others to strive for their own peace. The idea is to pay it forward.
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