Nature Challenge Day Two

Thank you to Mark Strickland for this most recent Nature Challenge. This is day two and as part of the challenge need to call out another photographer.  Kai Matthes, I choose you! Post a Nature image for seven days and nominate someone each day.

Moby Dick

                Image used by WDCS for campaign to End Commercial Whaling.

Image created under Govt Permit.

This image was created while volunteering on a project with the Whale Dolphin Conservation Society several years ago.  It was the face of a international campaign to end Commercial Whaling, with signed petitions sent to both President Obama and the European Union.

The feelings I experience when swimming with whales are incredible and hard to describe. The best I can come up with it is humbling, surreal, emotional, exciting, and in my case addicting. Each year like the whales I migrate too, but rather than feed, mate, or give birth I observe and create photographs.   Who wants to join me?    The next adventure is in Tonga with Humpbacks this coming September.

Poetry in Motion

                                Poetry in Motion –  Kodak Award of Excellence 


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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