Working with Sperm Whales with Kai Matthes in Dominica

under Govt. Permit by Kai Metthes

                                           under Govt. Permit by Kai Metthes

I am so very fortunate to have had Kai Metthes of Germany on my recent Sperm Whale Photography expedition in Dominica.   I will always remember Kai as the fearless diver that faced a wild animal just to create a portrait of it with a diver. Kai’s enthusiasm and excitement as well as understanding of nature and wild animals made this trip really enjoyable.

WB_6U7A9793                                           image created by Kai Matthes under Govt. Permit.

Kai was using a top of the line Canon with a new 11-24 mm lens.  From my perspective that lens coverage is perfect for what we were doing.  I was using a Nikon 16 mm fish eye or Tokina 10-17 set at 16.5 with my Nikon D810.  Below is an image of Kai working with the whales.

created under Govt. Permit.

                                                   Created under Govt. Permit.


DJH_6767                                                                Created under permit

This image includes Izzy our Govt. approved whale swim guide.  He really is good at his job!


created under Govt. Permit


under Govt. Permit

I look forward to traveling with Kai again, somewhere there are whales!   All the best to my friend the fearless diver!

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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