Portrait of me working….. Thank you Stas!

Douglas sharing a moment with a Sperm Whale.  Under Govt. Permit.

          Douglas sharing a moment with a Sperm Whale. Under Govt. Permit.

I have just returned from Dominica, where I spent 10 days observing, photographing, and swimming with Sperm Whales.  This was my third dedicated Sperm Whale trip and it was more productive than previous expeditions.  I would like to thank my friend Izzy for letting me use his Cressi Gara 3000 fins.  I do not have need for free diving fins when working with Humpback Whales but Sperm Whales are completely different and there is a lot of surface swimming required.  Swimming side ways and using my hips rather than calves allows me to have a very power full stroke and as a result and am much faster than my usual split fins. I am now spoiled and will have to get a pair.  Thank you, Cressi for making such a wonderful fin!


Created under Govt. Permit.


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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