2016 Whale Photography Exhibit – “Born Wild Born Free”

Limited edition of Six

                                               “Born Wild Born Free”

This portrait is not on the wall but is one of the pieces prepared for when the piece that is up sells.

I love the story behind the photograph.  I went to sea that day with the hope of photographing Oceanic White Sharks.  These are pelagic sharks that are known to follow pilot whales.   On that day we fond pilot whales and about a mile behind were three Oceanic white sharks.     We got into the water and could see the sharks about 50 yards away.   While swimming in their direction we were overtaken by a heat run of humpback whales.

The mother whale is keeping her calf high over her body and is in a very defensive mode. She will keep swimming and do her best to keep the baby close because the male whales would love to separate the calf so they can try to mate with the mother.

Based on her posture and behavior she is not in the least interested in mating and is quite motivated to make sure her young one does not get separated.


For information or purchase call 808 870 3686

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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