Black and White images make people pause and think.

Is it possible we live in a color world which defines our experience.  When color is removed shades of gray with black and white redefine our world and how we see it.  In this process people are exposed to their emotional side and they feel what they see.

Manic Monday on the North Shore

Sunrise on the North Shore

I am very fortunate to be able to go out a few days each week and photograph the awesome beauty of Maui.   This location on the North Shore is one I have been to a hundred times. I love watching the waves come in.   Depending upon the tide, time of year, and weather the rocks you see in the foreground can be completely underwater.

When I looked at the beach and the water coming in I did not see the frothy, foamy, luxurious wispy water, but knew that if I was able to use a slow shutter speed I could make that affect.  I decided to use a graduated ND Filter and used shutter speeds ranging from 1 to 4 seconds.


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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