Whale watching in Maui!

I went for a whale watch yesterday and since I have seen so many images the last few years created by people whale watching that dunked their camera over the side of the boat that I decided to bring my underwater set up just in case we got mugged.    And, as it turned out it was a good call as we did get surrounded by whales and had to shut down the motors for a while.

Now I have 9 seasons experience swimming with whales in Tonga but I had never just leaned over the side and prayed to get a photo.  I learned it is not easy.  The first problem is not seeing the animals so there is no composition. Simply dunk and fire.  Second, bubbles from dunking stick to the front and preclude getting a good focus. Still it was a ton of fun.

Beautiful Maui Whales

Beautiful Maui Whales


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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