Maui, is a photographers paradise

Enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Maui

Enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Maui

Maui, has beautiful bamboo forests, sandy beaches, rugged and rocky coastlines, waterfalls, verdant valleys, streams, the pacific ocean, and so much more.  Indeed the island is paradise for photographers.  That said the quality of light in Maui can at times be challenging to manage. That’s why everyone that wants to make the best images possible should use tools like graduated neutral density and polarizing filters.

I use filters so I can create the best image possible in the camera in order to minimize my time at the computer.  If you have never used filters take some time and do a search on YouTube for “using graduated Neutral density filters”.   There are hundreds of short videos to choose from.

In my camera bag I currently have both HI-tech and Lee filters, and use them almost every time I go out in nature.  For forests where there is no clear horizon line I use soft neutral graduated filters.   When making images along the ocean where there is a clear horizon I use hard Neutral graduated filters.  When making images of sunrise or sunset when the bright sun is at the horizon reverse neutral density filters lower the the light in the brightest area of the image and then tapers off.

Using filters allows you to slow the shutter speed and get creative. Keep in mind that when using slow shutter speeds a tripod is required.  Using a remote shutter release is also a good idea as it minimizes camera shake.

using filters in the middle of the day

using graduated neutral  filters in the middle of the day

This image was created around noon in the harsh light of day.  Using neutral density filters allowed me to manage the light enabling an exposure of  F-20 @ 1 second.  Notice how the water has a nice smooth flow and looks like a capa frapachino……



About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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