Yesterday, I cleaned the sensor on my camera and wanted to make some test images. So, I went to the beach and while I missed the actual sunset, hung around and made some photographs. The good news was no spots.

High tide in south maui

High tide in south Maui

I try to take good care of my camera and lenses. I turn off the camera each time I change a lens to minimize the static charge of particles in the air.  I am also careful where and how I change lenses to minimize exposure to dust. TRy as I do, sometimes dust happens.  While most cameras have an internal cleaning in their menu options, there are wonderful products available to clean sensors, that include  wet and dry method.  That said I have my camera serviced at Nikon, once a year to ensure it is in peak operating condition.  In between the annual service if I notice some big chunks that don’t come out with the above mentioned tools, I take my camera to the local camera shop and have the sensor cleaned.


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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