What do you do on a rainy day in Maui – Scuba diving of course!

My last dive was about three weeks ago, and I needed some bottom time.  So, this morning my friends Kasper, Niko, and I went for a shore dive in Makena Maui.   The skies were grey and full of a light rain but this did not stop us as we were going to get anyway. A small swell was rolling through but this did not stop us as we were on a mission to simply be underwater.



The visibility wasn’t that great but it was not bad. It was what I would call a chunky 40 feet as their were lots of particles in the water.  I was glad to have had set my camera from macro, as it was prepped for wide angle.

We had a 80 minute bottom time and saw three sharks, two octopus, three turtles, three nudibranches, slipper lobster, Imperial shrimp,manta ray and a frog fish.   All in all it was a great dive!   Thanks Kasper and Niko!

Tiny Frog fish.web

I cant wait till next week when we do it again!


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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