If you look you may just find it

Today, I joined my friend Kasper for a shore dive in Wailea, Maui.   The site was Ulua beach, and back in the day when I was an active PADI instructor, I did hundreds of dives there. While I knew the bottom topography the visibility was poor ranging from 20-40 feet and was thick with particles in the water.  We swam past the first reef, second reef, and third reef to a huge patch of sea grass out in 50-60  feet of water and worked our way back to shore.

close focus wide angle photogaphy

Look and you shall find……

While awesome to be underwater the beginning of the dive was uneventful.  I had set up the camera for wide angle and had hoped to get some turtle portraits and it was clear that with limited visibility that was not going to happen.  So,  I changed my thinking and thought if I could find a leaf fish I could try making a close focus wide angle portrait. So, I looked for these creatures and soon after found two leaf scorpion fish working a rock in the middle of a sandy area. SO sometimes you can get what you want….

We also saw an octopus, and a cool nudibranch.  In all, not a bad dive.    Thanks Kasper!

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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