Dreaming of diving in Fiji


lisa in Fiji

People ask me where my favorite place to dive is and my answer has changed over my career.   In the early days it was Papua New Guinea.  The diving in this region is world class, the corals and fish populations are too.   Later it changed to Indonesia because of the rich bio-diversity and exotic food.  About ten years ago I decided it was Fiji.  The soft corals are amazing, the abundance of fish is impressive, the water is warm and clear, people are friendly, and the food is delicious.   Just thinking of a good curry makes me hungry.   Living Art_copyrightI have been to Fiji about a dozen times and experienced  great diving and hospitality throughout the islands. While it is all good, I have to say I am partial to diving in the Bligh waters.  While there may be more boats operating in this area I have had great experiences on the Naia, Fiji Siren, and at Volivoli Beach Resort with RA Divers.  clown fishThe hard part for me is not to decide where to go but who to go with.  All these operators provide a great experience and I want to dive with all of them.  It is a dilemma but if I have to have a problem this is a good one to have.   If only I could do an extended trip to Fiji and dive with all of them.  That would be a dream come true!>Whale Swimming in Vavau Tonga Sept 21-30, 2010


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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