Day 4 Black and White Challenge

Low tide at sunrise

Low tide at sunrise

Yesterday, John Habour and I set out before the chickens rise so we could catch the sunrise along Maui’s north shore.  We arrived while it was still dark and walked along the beach using a flashlight to look for a good spot to set up our cameras and tripods.  Within moments we spied these rocks and decided to set up our gear and wait for the sun to come up.

We were hoping for the reds, and pinks that often come with the sunrise, but cloud cover put an end to that.   As the sun got higher in the sky the light was diffused by the clouds and produced a pleasant light on the beach, however the sky was washed out.   This  inspired me to create a photograph of the water coming in and out of the exposed rocks on the shoreline.  The motion of the water along with the diagonal lines created by the rocks work well together to guide the eyes into and out of the image. It was the perfect morning to create a black and white image.

Now comes the part where I am supposed to challenge another photographer.  This is harder than I would like it to be as many of the photographers I would challenge have already been challenged by someone…. With that in mind, I hope my Cassandra Ann Dragon will accept the challenge.

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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