This is one of my favorite images of all time because of how it makes me feel. It creates an emotional response for me that puts love, family, life, conservation, and environmental issues in the forefront of my consciousness.

The repetition of curves on the surface of the sea, coral reef below, shape of the whales in the middle creates lines that draw the viewers eye into the scene.  The shadow below is a nice accent as well as shimmering light rays bending as they descend.

One earth and many species share it

One earth and many species share it

On a more personal level this image is full of symbolism.  The curves mentioned above represent our planet and the whales represent its inhabitants. The healthy coral reef reminds me of how precious life is and precarious the balance of nature can be.  Inside my heart I feel that we all live on this planet and that we need to conserve our resources and stop polluting the oceans, and hunting species almost into extinction. All life deserves the right to breath clean air, raise their young, eat food that is not toxic but rather healthy.


I am in Tonga now, and it is incredible to be back in the presence of these gentle giants.  The first group is having an amazing time.  The whales are in abundance, the weather is good, the boat is fantastic, and the crew even better.  I have another two weeks here and then am coming home.

If  swimming with whales is on your bucket list dont put it off any longer,  join me Sept 4-24, 2015 for another incredible whale swimming and photography adventure. Check out the web site for travel details

I hope those that see this image enjoy it as much as I do.  Comments are always welcome….



About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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