Maui Sunset on the South Shore

Using slow shutter speeds enables the power of the oceans motion to enhance composition and overall emotion. This was created with a Nikon D300 12-24  mm lens. ISO 200 F22 1/8 second.

This image is all about the place where water meets the shore, so I did not include a lot of sky. I used the rocks as foreground subject and love how the seaweed has a muted purple hue.   The slow shutter speed enabled the waves to smooth out and become a bit misty.

The great thing about photography is that it gives each person a chance to express what they see and feel. This creativity is unique to each individual.   I venture to say I could line up 30 photographers right next to me and each photograph made would be different.

Some would have used a fast shutter to catch the droplets of water created by the waves hitting the rocks.  Others would have gone with a wider angle and included more sky or used a tighter focal length focused on just one area of rocks.

Indeed – there is no right way. There is only you.   I love photography!




About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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