Maui’s southern coastline

Ocean Swirl

Ocean Swirl

Each week I drive around the island teaching people how to create photographs that exude an emotional response from the viewer. Most of the time I use a fish eye lens, or a 12-24 Nikon Dx lens.   Seldom if ever do I use portrait lens.  Well a few days ago I wanted to get outside my comfort zone and use a 85 mm lens.   This is one of my favorites for portraiture and I thought I might be able to create some exciting images from a different perspective.   The camera body I used was a Nikon D300 with a 1.5 crop factor.  So the 85 mm really was about 120 mm.

In addition I selected the Hi-tech neutral density 3 stop filter so I could slow the water down using a long shutter speed.   Its great when my mind can see an image, and then I am actually able to create it.   I had hoped the incoming wave would work through the rocks in a s- curve shape as the lines help the viewers eye flow through the image.  As it turned out everything worked just like I had envisioned. This image is proof that it is possible to create portraits rather than take pictures.

Happy imaging everyone!

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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