Whale swimming adventures in 2014 and 2015

In Sept of 2014 I have organized 2 whale swimming adventures and might add a third. The first adventure sold out fast.  The second adventure Sept 12-23 still has two spaces.  Once full a third adventure will open up Sept 24- Oct 2nd.   All of these adventures are land based using the Sandy beach hotel in Ha’apai Tonga as a base and the boat Tropic Bird run by Whale Discoveries.   These adventures are limited in size to make sure everyone has an incredible experience and as much time in the water with whales as possible.   This is my 10th season leading groups to Tonga  and I am really excited.

For those that have not been to Tonga it is referred to as the friendly isles and is located a few hours flight from Fiji, right in the middle of the south pacific.  This destination is off the beaten path and offers incredible experiences with whales.  The infrastructure is not as developed as other world class destinations, and that is one of the reasons the location is not mainstream.  Don’t expect a Hilton type experience with room service, instead envision individual bungalows with all the charm of a tropical paradise.

The adventures include accommodations and 9 days on the whale watching/swimming boat.  Photo tips are included.  Our goal is to put you in the position to create incredible memories and images.

In 2015, I will lead as many as two 10 day adventures on a 53 foot sailing catamaran called WildLife.  This boat is perfect for whale swimming.  Not too big and not too small.  Each cabin has double bed, so couples are preferred.  Only 4 guests per charter.  Each person will have unlimited access to the whales.  The dates are Aug 24-Sept 3 and Sept 4-13.   Contact me by email for details at dhimages@maui.net

incredible encounter with baby Humpback Whale

incredible encounter with baby Humpback Whale


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