Sharks are food for thought

Sharks have been around a lot longer than people.  They manage the reef and it keep it healthy.  Without sharks the u/w eco-system would falter and as a result the reefs would surely die.   It is vital to our future to keep sharks alive and doing what they are supposed to do.  So if you should find yourself in a restaurant that serves shark fin soup.  You might consider going to another restaurant and telling the management why your leaving.  Perhaps if enough people take a stand, shark fin soup will no longer be offered.

For those of you that are interested in diving with sharks consider a trip to Fiji, where there are two operators that offer a exciting shark dive.   Ask your travel agent, or do some research online.  If you would like to combine a trip to Fiji with a photography workshop check out my website.


The photo below is of a Silvertip Shark.


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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One Response to Sharks are food for thought

  1. Kudos to Douglas for spreading the word about the plight of sharks. If enough concerned people take action there is still time to save these vital and inspiring animals.

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