Maui’s famous Shipwreck

This is the Carthaginian and once a proud Maui icon, now she sleeps in the deep. The image was taken a week after she was sunk.  The diver is a friend named Gary, who happens to own Pro Diver Maui Notice the condition of the cabin, and masts.  Over the years it has deteriorated.

This portrait and several others taken over the years will not only decorate the bar of the Waterfront  Restaurant but also show the decay of the cabin, and masts. In the image below the cabin has fallen to pieces. Two days after this dive the center mast collapsed. 

The Waterfront will open around the first of June.  Stay tuned for details.  More beautiful photogrpahs can be seen in the gallery.   Learn underwater photography while in Maui

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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