Flying Hawaiian Style

One of the great things about diving in Hawaii is the presence of Green Sea Turtles.  These animals are endangered and protected by law.  This photograph was created while diving off the shores of Makena Maui.  The dive site is called “Red Hill” because there is a big hill (old volcanic tuft cone) on the coast that marks the spot.

Turtles are among my favorite subjects, as they seem so majestic and wise.  When making this image I was sure to meter the light, set my F-Stop & Aperture, place my strobes, and set my buoyancy.  This way as I swam over the coral head I was in position ready to make photographs.  As a result I could hover and not cause the turtle any stress as it swam by. When the turtle was in the prime position I simply pressed the shutter.

When metering I selected a spot in the background and set my exposure to that value. Then I visualized the strobe to subject distance and set the strobes to light the subject accordingly.  I use diffusors on each strobe that soften & spread the light and in the process lose 1stop of light. For this image I wanted the flash to add fill light not be the main light. This way the background would be the color blue I metered for, and the subject would be illuminated.

To learn about wide angle photography using flash consider going on a workshop in Hawaii, or perhaps Indonesia, Fiji, Tonga, or somewhere else in the pacific rim.







About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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3 Responses to Flying Hawaiian Style

  1. Douglas, I’m continually impressed by the images you create. I’ve put your name in for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. =)

    Thank you for continuing to share such beautiful work!

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