All about the Eyes

In this portrait of  Lisa diving in Fiji, the viewer can see the divers eyes looking at the soft coral.  This is a very effective composition as it uses the rule of thirds quite well.  The diver is in the left third, and the subject is in the right third.

The eyes of the diver create a diagonal line adding to the composition.  When using models its very important for the model to look at the subject just as Lisa did so well in this image. The visual impact is much more than if she were swimming along that reef but looking at the camera.

The style of mask Lisa is wearing allows us to easily see her eyes.  This can really help as some masks are low volume or have a plastic piece going done the center. These style of masks are harder  to work with in terms of the determining the proper amount and angle of strobe light.  An incorrect flash placement he could result in unwanted or harsh shadows or hot spots.

These are some of the things we discuss during a u/w workshop about working with models. Other topics include u/w communication and hand signs, making sure sure the model has a great understanding of buoyancy control, colors to wear when diving, lighting the reef and the diver, and more….

For more information on workshops in Hawaii or tropical locations within the pacific rim.

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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