Seeing the trees that make the forrest

Meet Nancy.  This successful business woman loves photography and participates in workshops once or twice a year.  I could tell she was having fun when the sun came up over the horizon as she screamed with joy.   We started out along the North Shore of Maui at a beach that has some incredible rock formations and tide pools. Later in the workshop we were in the bamboo forest.

I captured this image of  Nancy as She was doing making  a vertical image of the bamboo forest.  I liked that she set her camera position low and pointed it upwards.  This put the path on lower third of the image, and allowed for the canopy of tree leaves to be included. Along the left and right side of the image are countless bamboo trees.  Each one is a vertical line. Together they create strong leading lines and guide the viewers eye through the image.   The camera placement also takes advantage of the S-curve in the path.  This also guides the eye into and out of the image.

Maui Photo tours combines a photo tour with a workshop in photography.  Maui Photography specializes in family portraits on location. Douglas Hoffman leads photography adventures in Fiji, Indonesia, Tonga, and Hawaii.




About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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