Maui Photo Tour with Bob

This is Bob.  The man is over 80 years old and is passionate making photographs.  I took him on a sunrise photo tour.

During the drive we talked about the rule of thirds, using leaves, branches, flowers, & rocks as framing elements and how these elements work to guide the viewers eye into & out of the frame.  When we got to the waterfall he set up to create a photograph that used many of the concepts we discussed.


I watched as Bob looked around and made the decision where to photograph from.  By the way he positioned himself it looked like he intended to use the rocks in the foreground as a framing element.  Bob placed the waterfall on the left third of the image.  This created a lazy S-curve or an L-shape composition. The line of the rocks going into the rock wall creates a very effective use of negative space.  Specifically it creates a diagonal line that guides the viewers eye into the waterfall.

The great thing about photography is that each person is different.  While I like and appreciate the composition that Bob created, I personally prefer something different.  I used the wall of rock and foliage as a diagonal line guiding the eye to the waterfall. Using a wider lens allowed me include the pool and stream.

The rocky shoreline across the stream serves as a diagonal line as well as an S-curve and these compositional elements  serve to guide the viewers eye.   Examining this images design you can see both the foreground line of the tree root and rock wall and the shoreline across the stream work together to guide the eye into the waterfall.

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