Once in a lifetime adventure not to be repeated. Snooze you lose.

I am scheduled to host a nine day adventure dedicated to snorkeling with humpback whales Sept 21-29, 2012.   The boat is a brand new 54 foot sailing cat called Wildlife operated by Whale Discoveries.  The published schedule  includes three of the most productive locations for whale swimming within the Tongan island chain. The areas are remote and seldom if ever visited by other boats.

snorkeling with whales is a once in a lifetime opportunity

The adventure is designed for four people.   In this day and age of most boats taking 8 guests, traveling in a small group is priceless.  As a result of cancellations both cabins are open.  Having a full charter going from Vavau back to Ha’apai starting on Oct 2nd, we have to take the boat to Vavau’.    This is a great chance for an individual or couple to join a special adventure dedicated to whale swimming.   Because of the last minute opening the cost for the 9 day adventure has been adjusted to $5,150 AUD per person. These prices and the locations visited will not likely ever be offered again.    Please share this post with any person you might think might be interested.

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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