Follow your own Path and Discover the world!

When traveling to tropical islands I try and schedule time to explore and see the places not on the tourist map.  Why go down the road everyone else goes. Following  a different path will often take you places beyond your expectations.

Last week I was in Dominica on a trip dedicated to photographing Sperm whales.  Before returning to Hawaii, I asked my friend Izzy to take me on an photo adventure off the island.  I was not disappointed. We drove out of town and up into the rain forest.  Within 40 minutes we parked  at a place called Sultoon.

Not yet on any tourist map this area is likely to be developed.  The attraction is a waterfall that drops a good 150-200 feet down, then goes through a small gorge and river only to reappear a hundred or so feet lower as it dumps into the stream bed.

The trail to the waterfalls is beautiful but challenging.  Steps have been carved into the mountain but with all the rain and moisture the path is slippery.  The walk to the upper fall is difficult and care should be taken by those who go for it.   While sure to get your heart pounding the view is worth it.

After we left Sultoon we headed towards the Layou River.  Izzy showed me where the bridge had washed away in the recent storm and I explored shoreline.  I found a small bay that was stream fed.   We waded through the water and somehow leveraged our way through a rocky canyon and ended up up at a series of streams and waterfalls.

This image is of Izzy , photographing a small waterfall in a canyon.  He was very excited to find a new place make scenic island portraits.  So was I.


If traveling to Dominica, consider hiring Izzy for a photo workshop.   If coming to Hawaii, consider Maui Photo Tours.


If interested in International travel and want to learn photography while having the adventure of a lifetime check out this site.



About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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