Hire a Professional

A few years ago, I decided to attend Image Exploration in  Vancouver island Canada.  This is a week long workshop where a few hundred photographers gather to hone their skills.

Since I was going to Canada anyway, I decided to hire a private guide to take me kayak camping. My goal was to photograph Orca’s.  As a professional, I felt I would get more from the experience by hiring someone who was very good at wildlife photography, kayaking, and surviving in the wilderness of Canada then if I joined a normal or main stream whale watch program.

Three Killer Whales

I felt these kind of programs are great for people that are happy just seeing Killer Whales.   As a wild life photographer my expectation was to be able to observe whales from the kayak & shore in order to document their behavior.


Over the adventure it dumped rain almost the entire time making photography very difficult. In the end I had a few good whale encounters. The most exciting thing that happened that week however was a black bear coming in to the camp site.  As quickly as it appeared I grabbed my camera and jumped in my Kayak.

Curious Black Bear

I wanted to photograph the bear and not be eaten by the bear. The bear was indeed curious  and  could tell we were just off shore.  In the end the bear did not want to go for a swim and rambled through the forest looking for berries.

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About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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