See The Forrest between the Trees

As a kid I heard this saying and wondered what it meant.  Now that I’ve been around almost five decades I think I understand. Perhaps it means not to get so caught up in something that you cant see the answer is right in front of view. Sometimes passion or focus get the better of us and we can see that what is important was right there the entire time.

Hawaiian Forrest

OR, it might mean that we need to relax a bit and look at things from a wider variety of perspectives and viewpoints so we can see whats out there and make our own decision.

I suppose it also means we should not take things for granted and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the fragrance of a flower, magic colors of a sunset, e.t.c…


What do you think it means?


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About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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One Response to See The Forrest between the Trees

  1. makenzieking says:

    I lean towards your second interpretation. Look at the big picture instead of the individual pieces. For example the forest is not just a grouping of trees, but a diverse and interdependent ecosystem that functions, in a way like one giant life form. -cheers! 🙂

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