Looking for Gentle Giants in Dominica

Gentle Giant

I am packing for my upcoming Permitted Sperm Whale  Adventure in Dominica.  I am part of expedition of avid, and environmentally conscious  photographers organized by Clark Miller.  Our guide in the water is  Arun Madisetti.   My goal is to create some powerful images of Sperm Whales to donate to the Humane Society International, as this NPO, will use the images to communicate messages that save whales and increase social awareness.

Being well aware of weight restrictions, I am not sure if I will bring a back up housing and port.  Common sense says being prepared and having a second housing is a smart thing and precludes a problem from ever happening. Most often I end up loaning it to another photographer that has a problem with their system.

That said, carrying that extra housing is an expensive insurance policy.  These days international airlines allow a max of 50 pounds and a small carry on.   Then the smaller domestic flights allow even less. The carry on piece is really limited in size and weight 7.5 Kilos or 15 pounds.   Having had mine weighed on the scale before I have a plan.

I will take the housing o-ring out of the body and install my camera and port.  I will will put a camera strap around it and carry my housing around my neck.   This will take 10 pounds out of my carry on by itself.

This time I will wear a vest and carry all my really heavy bits in it. Specifically I am going to carry strobe batteries, strobes, lenses, chargers, computer hard drives, and more.   Once on the plane I will unload the pockets into the amazingly light carry on that only has my lap top in it.

In an effort to further consolidate packing for this trip I have decided to bring only one less and port for the whales, and one port for macro photography.  I will go on about 10 dives while in Dominica. This alone will save me from bringing two lenses and two ports.   This saves about 10 pounds.

That being aid I will take the 70-180 macro zoom, and 10-17 fish eye zoom.   These lenses are about as extreme as you get. For the whales I will be using the 10 mm fisheye.  For fish portraits I will zoom in as much as 180.  Since I have a 1.5 crop factor as a result of CMOS chip, I have the chance to do some extreme macro.   I can also put a wet diopter on underwater to bring me even closer to the subject.

Enough said,  time to pack.

If interested in joining me on a Humpback whale or photography adventure check out my site.

About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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