Fish Face

Fish Face

During the 2012 Tonga whale season I had the opportunity to go diving in Nukualofa. The weather was really rough so we stayed in a protected area.  The reef and dive was of average quality. Still it was good to be  underwater.   This fish was the highlight of the dive.  I just love it’s face.

I will be traveling to Indonesia soon where the reefs are more impressive, as is the bio-diversity of species.  I will enjoy an adventure on the Damai July 30- Aug 9th, then spend a week at the Lembeh Resort in Bitung, North Sulawesi.

The Lembeh strait is known for an incredible number of unique fish species, so I hope to capture a lot more fish faces….

Raja Ampat, Manakwari, and Chandaerwasih are known for rich reefs, shipwrecks, and whale sharks…


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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