Hawaii is so beautiful!

Hawaii is so Beautiful


Sometimes when I start to think about how bad it is that we still burn sugar cane in Hawaii, or that our schools are not able to teach our children about the arts, music, physical education, and science  I find myself getting frustrated.  When this happens I try to stop, breath, and look around for  good things about Hawaii.   When I do I realize the rich beauty above and below the sea.  That help me turn that negative energy into something positive.

The truth is I feel blessed to live in such a wonderful place, and there is nowhere else I would rather call home.  Yes there are issues to deal with, but every community has those.   The challenges before us can all be dealt with if we all live Pono.



About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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One Response to Hawaii is so beautiful!

  1. iltana says:

    Great perspective and gorgeous colours!

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