Indonesia liveaboard Damai – Story by Mark Strickland

Indonesia is one of my favorite dive destinations.   It has colorful coral, rich bio-diversity of species, great wide angle and macro subjects.  Since 1993, I have been there well over a dozen times.  In 2012, I look forward to going back.   While I will visit old friends  at Murex in Manado, and at the Lembeh Resort, I am really looking forward to going on the Damai I, on an  adventure to Raja Ampat, Manakwari, and Chadrawasih Bay.

For years I have heard seasons professionals like Tim Rock and Mark Strickland talk about Raja Ampat so I decided it was time to go.   When I read this story about the boat, I went to web site and looked for a charter that fit my schedule.   The good news I found a trip open in 2012. The dates are July 30-Aug 9th.   The charter just recently opened up and and its wide open.  This is a great chance to get on a world class boat. The adventure will spend several days in Raja Ampat, then move Chadrawasih bay for a few days with whale sharks and untouched reefs. The last stop will be Manakwari, for several days of wrecks.

Read the entire article here.

Pelagic Manta



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