Portrait of me working with Humpback Whales

I look really small next to these whales


This image of me was created by Yung Yip during our 2011 Tonga adventure with Whale Discoveries.   This is the first time I have not looked fat in a photo.  Thanks Yung.  Click here for information on 2012 Tonga adventures

Swimming with whales is not legal in the United States, unless on a permit.  I have been on permits in the Azores and Dominica but not yet  in Hawaii.  That’s why each season I  travel to Tonga for a month, and  work with operators that have licenses from the government that  allow whale swimming. Next year will my my seventh year in a row.

I use some of the images as fine art to support my family.  Other images are donated to NPO”S like Pacific Whale Foundation, Whale Dolphin Conservation Society, and the Humane Society International.  These organizations are able to use my images with their words to educate people and raise social awareness around the world.

Photography is not something I do, its a part of who I am.   I am very fortunate to do what I am passionate about and  look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with like minded people.    If you know of someone that is into diving or marine photography  that would benefit from  taking a workshop or traveling with me please give them a link to my web site.

HAve a whale of a year everyone!



About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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2 Responses to Portrait of me working with Humpback Whales

  1. This looks like an incredible experience!

  2. Doug Hoffman says:

    Aloha Jennifer,
    Swimming with whales is an incredible experience. Like birds, however it requires a lot of patience.

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