Family Reunion

The majority of the posts I write on this blog are underwater, and landscape photography  oriented. Thats because I write posts on two other blogs, that are about family portraiture, and scenic photography.  Why I don’t combine them all is a good question and likely the subject of a future post.

That being said this post is about photographing family reunions.  These kind of get togethers dont happen all the time and that is what makes them worthy of having portraits created. The portraits created are priceless and gain value as time passes. Children grow, and elders pass.  That’s life, so take advantage of the moments when multiple generations get together.

Check out this music slide show.  It features the best portraits from a recent family reunion session we did in Kapalua Maui.

Maui family portrait


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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2 Responses to Family Reunion

  1. Well done! Douglas does a superb job, capturing the special moments of a reunion. Check out the “music slide show link” – you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Doug Hoffman says:

    Thanks Mark! Were setting out in a few minutes to do it again! Tiss the season!

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