Killer whales off Vancouver Island

killer whales

A few years back I combined a week of kayak camping in order to photograph Killer Whales with a week of photography education at Image Exploration The education I received in a week helped me transform my family photography business. I strongly recommend all serious photographers check out this school.  It’s the best week long program I’ve participated in.  The school is run by Don McGregor, and there are something like 12-15 great instructors representing every major field of photography.

The experience I received on the water was not what I was expecting and taught me patience and respect.  I took for granted that all of the elements would come together in order for me to create  photographs of Killer whales. These include  cooperative whales, sunny skies, no wind, no rain, light cloud cover, right lens, and being at the right place at the right time.

While I had passion, the right equipment, a great guide named Paul Judson Stobbe,  and time on my side  I did not get good weather or cooperative whales.  I did however have a curious bear come into my camp.  His arrival prompted me to get in the Kayak and try to get a portrait from the water.

Back on land Paul noticed that we had accidentally camped in a spot the bear regularly likes to visit to  poop.  He said this as he pointed to a pile of steaming dung.

Black Bear in our camp ground


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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