Maui Taco’s

Maui Taco or Local Octopus

In Hawaii Octopus are referred to as “taco”, and is very popular to eat.  While you could eat “taco” tacos, most people eat taco poke a marinated delicacy.  I prefer my “taco”, on the reef.


While diving a while ago I noticed a snorkelor with a taco on her back.  Check it out.   Perhaps the taco had a predator stalking it and it was just hiding.  I will never know as dont know the snorkeler.

snorkeler with taco on her back




About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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3 Responses to Maui Taco’s

  1. Stefan says:

    freaky – i wonder if the diver didn’t realize it … – I would definitely try to get the “taco” off :)=

  2. Sparkle-4-God says:

    oh i love this. what great timing. i can see it now. she just relaxing, enjoying herself. meanwhile, all her friends are now back at the boat, laughing their heads off. she hears the laughter and think she has mastered snorkeling pretty good. eventually, “taco”, now fully rested leaves as quietly as he arrived. then she finally returns to the boat and her so called friends who had been laughing so hard, they can’t even speak. when they finally tell her, she starts screaming and tries to see her back. she then spends the next 2 hours in the shower, desperately believing taco is still on her but hiding. she still hear her loyal companions laughing. then a small strange laughter as taco tells all his buddies of the free ride and where they can find this strange looking “fish” so they too could hitch a ride……..

  3. gregory says:

    Is it just me? Am I the only one reminded of the old joke with the punchline, “What is there to do? He doesn’t call. He doesn’t write.”

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