Douglas J Hoffman provides companies team building & incentive adventures that combine sailing & snorkeling with whales

Some companies like to build moral and strengthen the productivity of their core members by providing incentive programs, performance based trips, and team building adventures. The reasons for this are many and  include celebrating the achievement of an important company milestone, raising morale during challenging times, generating sales, or just provide an atmosphere where team members can bond and strengthen personal relationships.

Having seen hundreds of groups come to Hawaii over the years, it occurred to me that some companies might want to do something special for their top 6-8 performers or executives.  So, I developed an 8 & 9 day adventure on a 60 foot sailing catamaran that has permits to take people snorkeling with Humpback Whales in Tonga.  The captain has over 180,000 miles of sailing experience and the crew has a combined 34 years of whale watching/swimming experience.

When it comes to whale swimming the crew will be looking for opportunities for mutual interaction between whales and people.  For this to happen the people must float together like jellyfish and be patient.  Once the whales feel no threat, their curiosity will get the better of them and they will swim by the people and check them out. Encounters can last minutes as well as hours.

See trip schedules here.

snorkeling with whales is a once in a lifetime opportunity

Imagine the stories told by the participants once they return home. The excitement created will last for a long time and the individuals will motivated to do their best.


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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2 Responses to Douglas J Hoffman provides companies team building & incentive adventures that combine sailing & snorkeling with whales

  1. Wow!!! It must have been something amazing., right?
    I think if a whale swam so close to me, I’d be really excited. They are my favorite animals.

    Just a question: what lens did you use?

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