Thinking of the book Dune by Frank Herbert

Many of you may have read this book. The book was assigned reading in high school.  It was an epic story written by Frank Herbert.  Its a futuristic book based on Melange or “Spice”. Within the story is a theme of overcoming and facing ones fears. I refer sometimes to a poem that was recurrent through the story which dealt with facing fear.  I quoted some of the poem in a post yesterday and was delighted to get a response from someone else who read the book.

The surgery on my toe went well yesterday.  Today I am home with my leg up and almost numb from the pain.  I do however wish I had a good book like Dune to read now. The last few years  the majority of books now I read out loud to my kids, but when I travel, I do like to read. I read Dune decades ago and it’s been a few years since an author has really caught my attention.  The last one was Dan Brown.

Today, I have the time to read the manual to my new ipad but being on pain medication cant really focus well.  Good thing this computer has spell check…..  SO, I decided to let Pandora create a radio station for me based on songs like Southern Cross.

Might as well suffer along to some good music……  Tomorrow is another day.




About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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