Lines of Repetition are Strong Compositional Elements

There are many rules of composition that photographers can follow to create images that tell a story, exude an emotional response, and capture the attention or imagination of the person viewing the image. One of these rules addresses lines of repetition. Take for example this image of a Hawaiian Pencil Urchin.

Hawaiian Pencil Sea Urchin

Does the repetition of lines draw the viewers eye into the photograph. Do the lines add depth and interest

Nature is a great place to see repetition in design

In the Bamboo Forest of Maui there is a lot of beauty.  In this stream for example notice how the fallen bamboo serves to guide the viewers eye into the scene as well as how the vertical lines of the frees growing above the stream provide depth and texture.


This concept is applied in portraiture as well.  Notice how the reflections in the sand draw the viewers eye to the family.

Notice how the reflections draw your eye into the image


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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