Toku Island in Tonga – Where the Humpback Whales Play

Toku Island

A few years ago I heard about Toku Island from local a fishermen in Vavau’ Tonga.  We were returning from a day of whale watching and saw the Dave the fisherman offloading fish.  When I asked about where he was fishing to catch so much fish he told me about Toku island, which is a flat little island 40 miles North of Vavau.  The island is isolated way out in the middle of nowhere and is known for being a very popular spot for Humpbacks. The majority of whale watching boats from Vavau’ consider this location too far to go to for a day trip, so there are few if any whale watching boats.  I have done it twice as a day trip and it is very exhausting.  At least 5-6 hours of the day are spent going and coming to the island so it does not leave much time for whale watching.  We will try going there in about a month when the weather starts to change and the winds subside.  In 2012, the plan is  to go there in 14 meter catamaran and spend a few days.   Anyone interested in joining the adventure are asked to email me


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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2 Responses to Toku Island in Tonga – Where the Humpback Whales Play

  1. vilivaka says:

    yes my grandfather owns the island of toku in vavau and ive heard its beautiful but havnt been there

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