Silver Tip Shark

This is a Silver Tip Shark. The photograph was created in Pacific Harbor Fiji while doing the famous Shark Dive.  Imagine being in an arena and right in front of your eyes seeing up to eight species of shark being hand fed.  Sounds insane doesn’t it. Well for some it is. For others its an incredible opportunity to see sharks in their natural environment without a cage.

zoom zoom

The companies that offer the shark dive have the divers remain stationary in an underwater amphitheater.  Trained feeders feed the sharks while safety divers make sure the action does not get to crazy.  When the sharks get a bit excited the feeders remove the fish and the activity diminishes.

The operators of the shark dive have made a 30 mile fishing preserve where nobody can fish.  To compensate the local villages they donate $20 per diver to the community.

The two companies offering the dive are Beqa Adventure Divers and Aquatrek.  I enjoy diving with them both.  Each operate on different days and the reefs they go to are different. I am organizing a trip to Fiji in 2013 to dive with sharks as well as soft coral and wrecks.  Click here for more information.


About Doug Hoffman

Portrait and underwater fine art photographer.
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